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Bare Rooted Iris

Bare Rooted Irises (Bearded Iris (Germanica), Louisiana Iris , & Iris Ensata (Japanese)) Iris germanica - Bearded Iris are one of the great joys of late spring and early summer. They are hardy, long lived rhizomatous perennials that like a warm, sunny garden and have almost limitless flower colour. Louisiana Iris has one of the most diverse range of jewel toned colours of any iris plant. The key to growing Louisiana Irises is a moist soil. During the growing season, they should have a good soaking at least once a week. The soil needs to remain damp constantly. Japanese Iris (Iris Ensata) are an excellent plant for when you need something for a wet or boggy area of the garden where most plants won’t grow. They are excellent in and around ponds and water areas. They also make great garden bed plants but need that little bit of extra care to make sure they have enough water. They are an excellent choice for a border plant, and they go very well in larger pots and planters. The large flowers are one of the reasons they are used in landscaped gardens.