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Welcome to GardenPost and Wildflower World

GardenPost is one of New Zealand’s largest garden mail order companies. We source the best bulbs, corms, tubers, and rhizomes from Holland and New Zealand’s finest producers and courier them right to your doorstep. We specialise in rare, new releases and good old fashioned “tried and true” varieties.

A vibrant colourful spring garden starts here


Now is the time to plan ahead for an explosion of spring colour in your garden from our fantastic range of the best quality bulbs around - from traditional classics to brand new varieties. This is our favourite catalogue, packed full of glorious spring flowering bulbs.

Our 2020 Autumn Catalogue is out and showcases our stunning range of Daffodils, Jonquils, Tulips, Dutch and Louisiana iris’, Iris Germanica, Anemones, Hyacinths, Ranunculus, Crocus and Giant Crocus, Freesias, and more…

Our beautiful spring bulbs from our Autumn Catalogue are loaded on our website for you to order now via the left-hand menu

Or click here to view our new Autumn Catalogue

Or request your free copy of our Autumn Catalogue here

Don’t forget to click onto our "Wildflower World Homepage” for more great gardening ideas.

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News Flash

COVID-19 Announcement


With New Zealand now in Covid-19 Alert Level 4, GardenPost and Wildflower World has now gone into hibernation along with the rest of the country.

We are still accepting orders for bulbs and seeds and these will be dispatched as soon as we are able after the Covid-19 shutdown period. 

Wouldn't it be great to be able to spend your time in lock down out in the garden doing what you love. Unfortunately, although working tirelessly over the last days before Level 4 came into force we were unable to dispatch a number of order and again these will be dispatched after the Covid-19 shutdown period.    

Remember, These spring bulbs don't need to be planted until late May.

Fire at GardenPost and Wildflower World


On 8 February our premises and packhouse were destroyed by fire.

Good news though!  We are up and running again in temporary premises at 22 Tukorako Drive (off Hull Road), Mount Maunganui.

GardenPost - we have replaced almost all our autumn catalogue stock destroyed in the fire from within New Zealand or it is being air freighted from overseas to ensure our customers are not inconvenienced in any way.  However, there is a very small quantity of stock unable to be replaced.  All Autumn Catalogue stock listed online is available.

Wildflower World - all seed stock was destroyed in the fire.  We do have new stocks of wildflowers and garden flowers (including sweet peas) arriving within the next 4-6 weeks from within New Zealand or being air freighted from overseas.

You can still combine your seed order with your GardenPost bulb order.  If we have not received the seeds in time to dispatch them with your GardenPost order, we will send your seed order to you separately with shipping at our cost.

Don’t forget to click onto our "Wildflower World Homepage” for more great gardening ideas. Autumn is a prime time for sowing bountiful displays of spring and summer wildflowers and Sweet Peas. They will slowly grow over winter bringing your garden to life with a dazzling display of early spring flowers in a rainbow of colours. Our wildflower mixes are ideal for large gardens or small drifts throughout your garden. Wildflower orders can be combined with your GardenPost order to save on shipping costs.

Current Order Status

Gardenpost Orders:  All orders will be dispatched as soon as possible once the Covid-19 shut down ends.

Wildflower World Orders:  All orders will be dispatched as soon as possible once the Covid-19 shut down ends.