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Welcome to GardenPost and Wildflower World

GardenPost is one of New Zealand’s largest garden mail order companies. We source the best bulbs, corms, tubers, and rhizomes from Holland and New Zealand’s finest producers and courier them right to your doorstep. We specialise in rare, new releases and good old fashioned “tried and true” varieties.

It's lily planting season - the stars of the summer garden

GardenPost_Winter_2020_Catalogue_coverOur Winter 2020 Catalogue is out and we are thrilled to offer you the biggest selection of lilies yet - including gorgeous rare varieties imported from Holland. The lilies in our catalogue appear in the approximate order that each variety will flower (from earliest flowering lilies to late bloomers).

Add style, colour and a sweet fragrance to your summer garden with majestic lilies ranging in colours from the softest pastels to fiery reds and oranges that practically ignite in the sun.

Choose a combination of early to late flowering varieties to enjoy blooms all summer long. Lilies get better and better each year – more flowers, larger plants, more fragrance.

Our beautiful bulbs from our Winter Catalogue are loaded on our website for you to Pre-order now via the left-hand menu ready for dispatch mid-late June

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Don’t forget to click onto our "Wildflower World Homepage” for more great gardening ideas. Autumn is a prime time for sowing bountiful displays of spring and summer wildflowers and Sweet Peas. They will slowly grow over winter bringing your garden to life with a dazzling display of early spring flowers in a rainbow of colours. Our wildflower mixes are ideal for large gardens or small drifts throughout your garden. Wildflower orders can be combined with your GardenPost order to save on shipping costs.

Current Order Status

Gardenpost Orders:  Spring Bulb orders will be dispatched immediately with Free shipping. Winter catalogue orders (Lilies etc) will be dispatched mid-late June as all stock becomes available to complete your order.

Wildflower World Orders:  All "Seed only" orders will be dispatched within 3 working days.

Please Note: Orders containing both seeds and bulbs will be dispatched when all stock is available (See Gardenpost Orders above)

Asiatic Double - Bald Eagle

AOA Hybrid - Viva la Vida

Early Seed Potato - Apache

Tiger Lily - Chocolate Event