Amaryllis (Hippeastrums)

Amaryllis deliver huge, brilliant flowers in abundance and in lots of jazzy colour combinations. Direct from our cool store, these bulbs can be planted now and will shoot into flower in just a few weeks. Alternatively, put in fridge and plant before the end of December.

Quality Matters

All Amaryllis are not equal - size and quality matters. Our Amaryllis are sourced from the world's finest producers of Amaryllis. They are very large bumper-sized bulbs measuring 26-28cm in circumference. They are chock full of flowers, meaning you will get 2-3 flower stems with 3-4 blooms on each. They will keep flowering for a long time. With Amaryllis size is very important - the greater the circumference of the bulbs the more food is stored which results in a fuller plant with more flowers. All our bulbs are guaranteed to give the best results that only full size bulbs can give.

NEVER settle for less. Beware of cheap Amaryllis - they are often so small you will only get one flower stem.

Planting in Pots

Please handle the bulbs carefully to avoid damage. Plant the bulb in a pot in good quality potting mixture that contains a six-month slow release fertiliser in a pot at least 100 mm wide. The addition of Water Retention Granules will also benefit the plants' ability to retain moisture. Plant the bulb with the top third above the mixture and make sure the roots are well spread out. Keep watering the bulb for the next two to three months as the thick green leaves make it an attractive plant to have in the house even after flowering.

While the bulb is growing, use tepid water sparingly to keep the mixture just moist, but not wet. Do not water over the nose of the bulb. Do not allow water to sit in the tray underneath the pot. Amaryllis are big feeders. Additional fertilising every few weeks is advised. Our Natures Garden Fertiliser is ideal. Amaryllis like a constant temperature of around 20 degrees C.

Keep the pot in a warm room, in full light or outside in a sheltered area. Flowering usually will begin six to seven weeks after planting. Once the bulb is flowering remove the pot from direct sun to extend the life of the flower.

Planting Outdoors

Amaryllis can be grown outside in warm areas. Choose a part shady area with good drainage. Plant the bulb with the top third above the soil. After planting, water well, gently soaking the soil and settling it around the bulb. Then ease off on the water; your bulb doesn't need too much moisture when there isn't yet growth to support. When growth starts keep lightly watered. Amaryllis must not sit in soggy soil or the bulbs will rot.

Care after Flowering

When the flower is spent, remove the flower stem as close as possible to its base, but leave the foliage in place. Fertiliser can be applied now, as the bulb needs to be well fed for the next few months to be able to flower well next season. Our Natures Garden Fertiliser is ideal. If the bulb has been planted in a small pot then now is the time to re-pot it into something slightly larger or grow outside in warm climates. Keep watering the bulb for the next two to three months as the thick green leaves make it an attractive plant to have in the house, even after flowering.

Secrets for successful re-flowering

Flowering is initiated by a stress period of cool or dry conditions. The stress period must be at least 10 weeks to be effective. These conditions can be provided by keeping the bulbs dry during winter. Re-pot the bulb into fresh mixture from early to late Spring and follow the above growing instructions. Alternatively place the potted bulb outdoors for the winter months in a protected position. It will lose most of its leaves but this is not a problem. Simply re-pot the bulb and bring it indoors in Spring.