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Wildflower Mixes

Wildflower Meadows are surely the most beautiful of gardens. 

Noted for their low maintenance and wide diversity of plants, wildflower meadows are packed full of vibrant colours and textures.  Wildflower meadows are a constantly changing landscape, with some species returning year after year while others may disappear and be replaced with something new.

By mixing together many different wildflowers you get a seemingly endless parade of flowers. Our designer mixtures have been created to give the longest possible flowering times and tailored to suit different areas in your garden. Size is not important – a pocket of flowers in a city corner or a meadow on a farm. They are all stunning!

These mixes are tailor made to suit a wide variety of NZ conditions, from tough soils to fertile home gardens. We mix together many wildflower species for a definitive reason – to result in an ever changing, seemingly endless parade of stunning natural colour.

In season flowering can begin as soon as 8 weeks after sowing – then the journey begins as one species finishes another blooms, working up to a crescendo of colour in full season. The bonus is fading flowers put down masses of seed for the next generation.

Step by step instructions are included in each packet. Species in any mixture may alter slightly depending on the availability of seed. Prices are inclusive of GST.

How much seed do I need? Recommended sowing rate is one gram per square metre. Starting at approxmately $0.99 per square metre for 15 square metres with large areas being as low as $0.39 per square metre, nothing matches wildflowers for the most cost effective form of gardening.

Larger sizes than those listed are always available – please contact us with your requirements.

More information on growing wildflowers can be found in our growing guide here