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Garden Flower Seeds

These flowers have been bred or selected for their excellence in colour, form or fragrance. Most have been chosen for their ease to grow, many are descendants from our wildflowers. They may require just a little more help to get them growing before they burst forth with powerful colour.

Growing Seed is Easy
Most garden flower seeds are best started indoors in trays or pots using the following steps:
• Fill trays with potting or seed raising mix to rim, lightly firm and moisten.
• Sprinkle seeds thinly. Cover larger seeds with a layer of mix twice the seed size. Don’t cover fine seed. Gently water.
• Place in a propagator or cover trays with a plastic bag to retain moisture and keep an even temperature. Put in light airy place out of direct sunlight.
• Remove bag when seeds have germinated.
• Don’t let trays dry out.
• Harden off plants by placing them outside for a few days before planting.
• When large enough thin or transplant to the garden.
Some seeds, like sunflowers and sweet peas, can be grown direct into the garden.
Photos are a guide only. Seed Counts are approximate.

More information about growing garden flower seeds can be found here

A: Annual
B: Biennial
P: Perennial
Sun/Sh: Sun or semi shade
Dry: Low rainfall or dry, sandy soil.
Sp: Flowers in Spring, S: Flowers in Summer,
Au: Flowers in Autumn

Photos are a guide only. Seed Counts are approximate.

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