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Pollinator Mix

Mother Nature's pollinators (bees, butterflies, birds, flies, moths, beetles etc.) are essential for the production of the world's food and flower crops. International decline in the numbers and health of a range of pollinators, honey bees in particular, now poses a significant threat to food and flower production globally. Wildflowers are acknowledged and accepted as an important rescue remedy as a healthy food source for insects to help restore their wellbeing and population numbers.

Abundant and healthy populations of pollinators can improve fruit set, its quality and its overall size. In all areas from home gardens to farms and orchards this is not only critical to maximise returns but is so important in the preservation of our planets food chains. Growing wildflowers in your garden or orchard will unquestionably attract a whole range of beneficial insects that in turn will lead to healthy plants producing bigger and better fruit. As Scientific American Magazine April 2009 quoted: Humankind needs to act quickly to ensure the ancient pact between flowers and pollinators stays intact, to safeguard our food supply and protect our environment for generations to come?

Our wildflower pollinator mix will produce high amounts of pollen and nectar to attract beneficial insects and is a critical component in the health and well being of your garden or orchard. Height 30-90 cm.

Varieties include:
Ammi majus - Queen Anne’s Lace, Calendula - English marigold, Centaurea - Blue cornflower, Cheiranthus - Siberian wallflower, Coreopsis - Dwarf bicolour, Echinacea - purple coneflower, Eschscholzia - Californian poppy, Gaillardia - Indian Blanket, Linaria - Toadflax, Lobularia - Sweet alyssum, Lotus barsilvia, Papaver rhoeas - red soldier poppy, Phacelia - Purple tansy, Ratibida - Yellow Coneflower, Silene - Catchfly, Tagetes - French marigold

Sizes available:

15 grams: Covers around 15 square metres
50 grams: Covers around 50 square metres
100 grams: Covers around 100 square metres
250 grams: Covers around 250 square metres
500 grams: Covers around 500 square metres

Product Code: 626
15 grams - for $19.50

50 grams - for $44.00

100 grams - for $73.00

250 grams - for $160.00

500 grams - for $250.00

1000 grams - for $440.00

2000 grams - for $815.50
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