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Shades of Yellow

A blend of yellow garden and wildflowers in various shades of yellow.

They call me mellow yellow!  Yellow / golden varieties are blended together in this mix to provide a tranquil sea of yellow to your garden. With full, rich yellow colours, you'll get an intriguing and uniquely assorted array of blooms.

Mixture contains a blend of: Antirrhinum, Bidens, Calendula, Centaurea, Chrysanthemum, Coreopsis, Helichrysum, Limonium, Oenothera, Rudbeckia, Tagetes, Zinnia

Height 40-90cm

Plant in a sunny area in autumn, spring or summer. 15 grams will cover 15 square metres / 50 grams will cover 50 square metres.

Sizes Available:
15 grams: Covers around 15 square metres
50 grams: Covers around 50 square metres

Product Code: 505
15 grams - for $9.75

50 grams - for $22.00

100 grams - for $36.50

250 grams - for $80.00

500 grams - for $125.00
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