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  • GardenPost Summer Catalogue 2020

    GardenPost Summer Catalogue 2020

    File Size: 2.4MB
    A vibrant and colourful summer garden continues here with GardenPost ... Our Summer 2020 Catalogue is due to hit letterboxes any day. All Summer Catalogue stock is loaded on our website ready for pre-order now. Our summer catalogue showcases our incredible range of spectacular Amaryllis, Canna Lilies, Irises, Lilies, Clivia and more....
  • Wildflower World Annual Catalogue 2020-2021

    Wildflower World Annual Catalogue 2020-2021

    File Size: 4.4MB
    Our Wildflower World Annual Catalogue showcases wildflowers to dazzle your garden with sprays of colour. They are easy to grow and will thrive with little care. Our catalogue is filled with individual Wildflowers and Wildflower mixes and also Garden flowers including Hollyhocks, Californian Poppies, Sunflowers, our huge range of Sweet Peas and moreā€¦.. There's also Wildflower Business promo Packs and Wedding Favours as well.
  • Promotional Seed Packets

    Promotional Seed Packets

    File Size: 297.6KB
    Say thank you to clients or promote you business with personalised seed packets
  • Personalised Wedding Gifts

    Personalised Wedding Gifts

    File Size: 548.6KB
    Give a small personalised seed packet to friends and family
  •  Wildflower Pollinator Mix Fact Sheet
  • 2020 Seed Fundraiser

    2020 Seed Fundraiser

    File Size: 5.0MB
    We are taking registrations now for our Spring 2020 Seed Fundraiser and will make contact August with further information. Any queries, please contact John at GardenPost on Freephone 0800 752 686.
  • DeBug Insect Dust

    DeBug Insect Dust

    File Size: 376.4KB
    Information about how to use this diatomaceous earth product in your garden
  • Bumble Bee Hives

    Bumble Bee Hives

    File Size: 1.4MB
    Wildflower World has teamed up with Zonda Beneficials to release Bumble Bee hives for the home gardener. Learn here how it works.
  • Bulbs for Fundraising

    Bulbs for Fundraising

    File Size: 2.6MB
    We are taking registrations now for the Autumn 2021 Fundraiser. Please contact John at GardenPost on Freephone 0800 752 686 for more information.