Patio Potato

Growing potatoes in planter bags is the perfect solution if you want to grow your own potatoes but have limited space. Here is an easy three-step process:

  1. To get your potatoes off to a flying start it is advisable to force or 'chit' your potatoes first for a bigger and quicker harvest. Chitting means sprouting the tuber by putting it with most eyes (sprouting parts) upright, in a light, cool but frost-free place. A porch, conservatory or garage is ideal. Place in a tray (egg cartons are good) and remove all but three or four of the eyes, leaving just the strongest growths. After the sprouts are about 1-2 cm long the seed potatoes are ready for planting.
  2. To grow potatoes in containers place about 10cm of potting mix in the bottom. Our 25 litre bags are good for 3 tubers. Add about 1 tablespoon of Potato Fertiliser. Lay the sprouted seed potatoes on top with the sprouts pointing up. Cover with a few centimetres more of potting mix and water well. As sprouts pop up through the potting mix continue to cover with more potting mix, layering until you reach the top of your container. Add another tablespoon of fertiliser at intervals. Place in a sheltered sunny spot and water regularly to ensure that the pot does not dry out.
  3. At harvesting time simply tip the pot out onto a tarpaulin to reveal your crop - Kids love getting involved in this.