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Dahlias - Decorative, Cactus & Fimbriated

Just as many perennials are beginning to flag in the heat of summer, dahlias are coming into their own. They revel in the warmth to produce an array of shapes, sizes and colours that will bring life and beauty back to your garden borders. Plant in dry and sunny spots and deadhead to prolong flowering. Decorative Dahlias are our most popular dahlia and have large, fully double flowers with soft, rounded petals. They have uniform, regularly sized, often quite formal style flowers. Cactus Dahlias have large spikey, fully double flowers with narrow and pointed florets that are either incurved towards the centre, straight or recurved outward from the centre. Flower diameters vary from 12-25 cm depending on the specific variety. Fimbriated Dahlias, where the ends of the florets are split in two giving them a distinctive different look. Flower size approx. 12-15 cm. Pictures do not do justice to these flowers: you simply must try them to fully appreciate them. Karma Series Dahlias are specially selected varieties (mostly decorative and cactus types) that have long, straight, and strong stems (no staking is needed) making them excellent cut flowers that will last from 7-12 days provided they are put in water immediately after cutting (this is true for all dahlias). Flowers are approx. 13-15 cms.