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Bumblebee Hives for home gardens.

Bumblebees are one of the most important beneficial insects for pollination of our food crops. Bumblebee hives are ideal for home gardens and Wildflower World has a unique concept - choose a wildflower mix such Pollinator Mix or Bees Birds & Butterflies Mix, sow them and just before they come into flower you can order your very own hive, pre-loaded with a queen and about 50 workers. Your flowers will provide nutritious food for your bees and they will in turn aid pollination of your vege garden and fruit tree crops.

Hives can be ordered from Zonda Beneficials in Auckland - please phone 09 2355660 or 0800496632
Approximate cost for the hives start at around $90, depending on freight regions.

More details can be downloaded click here

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