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Cottage Garden

Create the romance of a cottage garden with these old time favourites. Fill garden borders with these exuberant, free-flowering and sometimes unrestrained flowers. Each packet has two mixtures - one tall growing mix for the back of the border and one lower growing mix for the front. Colours are all pastel pink, white, mauve and blue. All are annuals that have good self-seeding abilities - let your imagination and creativity run wild.

2 packet mix varieties include:

Tall - Over 60 cm: Amberboa - Sweet Sultan, Ammi-Queen Anne's Lace, Centaurea-Mixed cornflower, Cheiranthus-English wallflower, Delphinium-Larkspur, Lavatera-Rose mallow, Papaver-Corn poppy, Phacelia-Purple tansy

Small - Under 60 cm: Clarkia - Farewell to Spring, Collinsia – Chinese Houses, Coreopsis – Dwarf Red, Eschscholzia – White Linen, Gilia - Globe Gilia, Gypsophila - Baby’s breath, Helipterum roseum - Paper Daisy, Iberis - Candytuft, Malcomia - Virginia stock, Nemophila - Five spot, Silene – Nodding Catchfly

Sizes Available:
15 grams: Covers around 15 sq m
50 grams: Covers around 50 sq m

Suggested Uses:
Old fashioned rose gardens, perennial borders or any type of existing or new garden area needing some extra colour.

Product Code: 610
15 grams - for $19.50

50 grams - for $44.00

100 grams - for $73.00

250 grams - for $160.00

500 grams - for $250.00

1000 grams - for $440.00

2000 grams - for $815.00
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