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Sprinkles - Monet Memories

Imagine soft, floating drifts of flowers as often depicted in Monet's paintings. This mix reflects that feeling with soft pastel colours with the odd bright splash and flowers that will move and sway with the breeze.

H 30-70cm

Varieties include:
Centaurea - Cornflower Dwarf Blue, Delphinium - Larkspur, Clarkia - Farewell to Spring, Coriander,  Cynoglossum - Forget-me-Not, Dianthus - Rainbow Loveliness, Gilia - Globe, Gypsophila - White, Linaria - Toadflax, Linum - Scarlet Flax, Silene - Nodding Catchfly & Viscaria -  Rose of Heaven

Sizes Available:
4 grams covers around 4 sq m
7 grams covers around 7 sq m

Product Code: 604
4 grams - for $6.50

7 grams - for $9.50
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