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Potful of Poppies

Poppies are surely Nature's jewellery, individually splendid, collectively glorious. Everybody loves poppies. No wonder - no other flower has such lavish beauty besides being so easy to grow. They beg creativity - so paint a picture, plant a rainbow, commit a riot! Not surprisingly, this is one of our most popular mixtures. Here is a combination of six poppies with a sprinkle of other blue and white wildflowers to harmonise and blend and make a real dreamy garden. Height 40-80 cm


Contains: Papaver rhoeas - bright red ‘Soldier’ poppy, Papaver rhoeas - glamorous pink, white and bicoloured corn poppy, Eschscholzia californica - a golden orange favourite , Eschscholzia White Linen - creamy white, Eschscholzia – Mission Bells, Eschscholzia Mikado- mahogany red, Eschscholzia Brilliant - mixed colours. Plus 10% white Baby’s Breath, Californian Bluebells & white Alyssum .

Sizes Available:

10 grams: Covers around 12 sq m $12.00

15 grams: Covers around 18 sq m $15.50

50 grams: Covers around 60 sq m $44.50

Suggested Uses:

Annual or perennial borders, driveway edges or any existing or new sunny garden area needing extra colour.

(Note - as Papaver seed is very fine, smaller amounts are required to cover specific areas)

Product Code: 570
10 grams - for $12.50

15 grams - for $16.00

50 grams - for $44.50
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