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Welcome to Wildflower World - 25 Years On!

Wildflowers have seen a massive turnaround in fortune, from relative unknowns when we first introduced the concept 25 years ago to objects of enchantment today.  We now see this organic, natural style flourishing. Wildflowers have a timeless, uncomplicated beauty and have truly proven they are not a ‘flash in the pan’ style.

All wildflower seeds can be sown direct into the garden, no seed trays, no transplanting. How easy is that? Sow them individually or choose from our glorious mixtures.

Wildflowers are living nature at her best. The flowers attract a myriad of beneficial insects and birds helping pollinate your flowers whilst providing a riot of colour for you. Everyone wins! It’s as easy and sprinkling a few seeds into pockets in your borders or going all out to create a full scale meadow.

If you dream of a garden with the most glorious display of nature’s most beautiful flowers that will invite everyone to stop and enjoy, then wildflowers are for you. We invite you to share the glory today.


Wildflower World Catalogue - 2015/16 Annual Colour Catalogue 

Our 40 page seed catalogue is packed full of exciting wildflower seed mixtures and hundreds of individual varieties, garden flower seed, sweet pea seeds and herb seeds. Order here or shop online now.

Wildflowers & Beneficial Insects 

Wildflowers can assist Mother Nature in many ways.  They attract beneficial insects which provide invaluable pest control services as well pollinate our flowers. There is no greater joy than to go into a garden alive with bees, birds and butterflies in amongst drifts of wildflowers.

Bumble Bee Hives - One of the most important beneficial insects for pollinating our flowers is the bumble bee.   Bumble bee hives are ideal for home gardens and Wildflower World has a unique concept. Choose a wildflower mix such Pollinator Mix or Bees Birds & Butterflies Mix, sow them and just before they come into flower you can order your very own hive, pre-loaded with a queen and about 50 workers. Your flowers will provide nutritious food for your bees and they will in turn aid pollination in your vege garden and fruit tree crops.  Hives are available from Zonda International in Auckland – just phone them on 09 2363700More information about bumble bees can be found here 

Wildflower World Free Gift 

All customers with seed orders over $70.00 (before freight) will receive a $5.00 Gift Coupon. Orders over $150.00 will receive a $10.00 Gift Coupon to use on your next order.   

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Bee Friendly

Papaver rhoeas - Shirley Poppy

Lowfield Meadow

Viola cornuta - Johnny Jump Up