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Wildflowers can be grown wherever you can stretch your imagination. They are timeless beauties and make a natural addition to any landscape.  Take a look out your window and you are bound to see a spot for wildflowers right there! Give us a call and then let’s get sowing.

Every year more people are enjoying spectacular wildflower displays, but the environmental benefits are becoming well recognised. The ability of attracting and feeding beneficial insects is so important that Wildflower World is now supporting Apiculture New Zealand, Moths & Butterflies of NZ Trust and the newly formed N Z Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Wildflower World Catalogue - 2016/17 Annual Colour Catalogue 

Our 40 page seed catalogue is packed full of exciting wildflower seed mixtures and hundreds of individual varieties, garden flower seed, sweet pea seeds and herb seeds. Order here or shop online now.

Much Ado about Bumblebees

Ever since we established Wildflower World we have promoted sowing wildflowers as food for bees and other pollinators. Now we are thrilled to announce the official formation of the New Zealand Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

bumblebee conservation trustThere are only four species of bumblebees in NZ. They help pollinate crops such as commercial glasshouse vegetables. This work is worth millions of dollars to our economy. Without bees our fruit and vegetables would be much more expensive. But times are tough for bees and bumblebees. Their habitat and food resources continue to decline the more we farm without flowers. YOU CAN HELP just by growing wildflowers and joining the new Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Come and learn all about bumblebees and support this new organisation at Plans have started for preservation and education programmes for schools throughout our country.

Bumble Bee Hives - One of the most important beneficial insects for pollinating our flowers is the bumble bee.   Bumble bee hives are ideal for home gardens and Wildflower World has a unique concept. Choose a wildflower mix such Pollinator Mix or Bees Birds & Butterflies Mix, sow them and just before they come into flower you can order your very own hive, pre-loaded with a queen and about 50 workers. Your flowers will provide nutritious food for your bees and they will in turn aid pollination in your vege garden and fruit tree crops.  Hives are available from Zonda International in Auckland – just phone them on 09 2355640More information about bumble bees can be found here 

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