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The World’s Finest Amaryllis

Amaryllis are one of the most spectacular of all flowering bulbs They are one of those superb (and easy to grow) plants that you have to be in awe over. Those huge blossoms never fail to win gardener’s hearts. They grow from bulbs that spear through the air to around 60cm. The bud begins unfurling along the way, erupting once it reaches its peak and then producing magnificent flowers. They are suitable nationwide for indoor plants or outdoors in warmer areas. Full instructions provided.

GardenPost again offers some rare introductions. If you are looking for a very special treat, then here it is!

Direct from our cool store, these bulbs can be planted now and will shoot into flower in just a few weeks. Alternatively, put in fridge and plant before the end of December

Quality Matters
All Amaryllis are not equal – size and quality matters. Our Amaryllis are sourced from the world’s finest producers of Amaryllis. They are very large bumper-sized bulbs measuring 26-28cm in circumference. They are chock full of flowers, meaning you will get 2-3 flower stems with 3-4 blooms on each. They will keep flowering for a long time. With Amaryllis size is very important – the greater the circumference of the bulbs the more food is stored which results in a fuller plant with more flowers. All our bulbs are guaranteed to give the best results that only full size bulbs can give.
NEVER settle for less. Beware of cheap Amaryllis – they are often so small you will only get one flower stem.

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