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Iris Germanica (Bearded Iris) Tall Bearded Irises are one of the great joys of late spring and early summer. They are hardy, long lived rhizomatous perennials that like a warm, sunny garden and have almost limitless flower colour.

Louisiana Iris Louisiana Iris grow well in wet areas and can be used in aquatic gardens but can also be great additions to any home garden. They require lots of sun and prefer a slightly acidic soil with added compost, rotted manure, and general fertiliser. Rhizomes should be planted at the soil surface.

Japanese Iris (Iris Ensata) Native to Japan they are among the most elegant and breathtaking Irises with huge orchid-like flowers. Usually ruffled and flat in form, the flowers may be single, double or peony flowered and come in an array of gorgeous colours. They bloom from early to mid-summer. H90-120 cm

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