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It's amazing that such unimpressive brown disks can produce such magnificent flowers within a few weeks. These easy to grow superstars will electrify your summer garden or can be grown indoors. Great for pots on shady patios - they prefer light shade to full sun. Hot tip: pinch off the smaller side buds to encourage larger flowers. Camellia Begonias have large double blooms. Deep and rich in lovely shades. Cascade Begonias are simply stunning. Planted in hanging baskets or tall pots, their giant flowers, on long trailing arms, make a dazzling display. Frilled Begonias upright stems produce 10 cm large double flowers. The petals are crimped at the edges, making them look like a double carnation. The green foliage has wavy edges. Non-Stop Begonias are compact growing hybrids that will start flowering earlier and continuing longer than all other tuberous begonia types. The fully double flowers are medium in size but very prolific -they keep on coming all season long. These lower growing plants are also less vulnerable to wind damage.