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Bulbs for Naturalising

Easy to grow bulbs that will quickly multiply to fill your garden or pots in no time at all. Just plant and forget - they will naturally take care of themselves.

Woodland Anemones - Will form a carpet of dazzling colour for many weeks. With lush fern-like foliage, they are great for planting beneath daffodils and tulips or shrubs and trees. H8-10 cm

Ixia – African Corn Lily - Long stems with up to 12 flowers provide a rainbow of colour after most other spring bulbs have finished. They like a warm, well drained site. Cut flowers last around 2 weeks. H70cm

Sparaxis – Harlequin Flowers -Tri-coloured flowers in a whimsical rainbow mix of colours. These will make a bright and playful display in a sunny rockery or border. Easy and reliable plants that will multiply quickly. H25cm

Muscari – Grape Hyacinth - If you're looking for hardy, no-care, "plant and forget" bulbs, look no further - load up on grape hyacinths.10-15cm

Scilla - Bluebells - Excellent for naturalising in drifts beneath trees and shrubs, in a shady corner or natural drifts under and around deciduous trees

Gladioli Nanus – Miniature Gladioli - A colourful collection of hardy painted ladies with unusual markings on the lower petals. Each arching spray is loaded with flowers and make beautiful cut flowers. H 40-60cm