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Bulb Buddies

This mix is designed for sowing on top of your bulbs for spring and summer colour after your bulbs have finished flowering. It can be sown in autumn or spring. The mix has short flowers that will follow on from your flowering bulbs and hide their foliage as they die down, giving lots of colour in one area for a longer period of time. Height 20-30 cm

Varieties contain:
Adonis - Pheasant’s Eye, Chrysanthemum - Snow Daisy, Coreopsis - Dwarf Red, Delphinium - Rocket Larkspur, Eschscholzia - Dwarf Californian Poppy, Gilia - Globe Gilia, Gypsophila - Baby’s breath, Linaria - Toadflax, Malcomia - Virginia stock,  Nemophila - Five spot, Nemophila - Baby Blue Eyes, Phacelia campanularia - Californian Bluebell, Silene - Nodding Catchfly

Sizes available
5 grams covers around 5 sq m
10 grams covers around 10 sq m
50 grams cover around 50 sq m

Product Code: 627
5 grams - for $9.00

10 grams - for $13.25

50 grams - for $42.50
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