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Edible Flower and Herb Mix

Edible flowers have been used for many years in cooking, to enhance salads with their colour, texture and intriguing flavours and also for decoration. This mix consists of appealing flowers and blooming herbs for the eye and palate. The decorative petals and leaves are for use as garnishes and flavours. Some are spicy, some are floral and some are fragrant.

Sow this mix directly into existing sunny borders or tuck into your vegetable garden. They will do well in containers and are perfect for attracting pollinating insects to your garden. Sow from Spring to Autumn.

It is always best to grow your own edible flowers so you can be sure that they are clean, fresh and free from pests and disease. They are always best picked fresh from the garden the day you want to use them.

Height 30-60cm

Note: Details on each variety and their uses are here along with a few receipes.

Varieties include:
Calendula - English Marigold, Coriander, Chives, Dianthus - Sweet William, Lavender Hyssop, Basil Red Rubin, Sweet Basil, Tropaeolum - Nasturtium, Viola - Johnny Jump-Up

Sizes Available:
5 gram pack - covers around 5 sq m
10 gram pack - covers around 10 sq m

Product Code: 611
5 grams - for $9.00

10 grams - for $13.25
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