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Sprinkles - Cut Flowers

Bring your garden indoors and indulge in the beauty of fresh cut flowers. Grow your cutting garden in an easy-access spot in your outdoor living area where you can snip to your heart's content. This mix is a budget-friendly option that will ensure armfuls of flowers all summer long.

H 40-60cm

Varieties include:
Amberboa - Sweet Sultan, Centaurea - Blue cornflower, Cheranthus - Siberian Wallflower, Chrysanthemum - Painted Daisy, Delphinium - Rocket Larkspur, Dianthus - China Single Pinks, Dianthus - Sweet William,  Gypsophlia elegans - white, Helichrysum - Dwarf Strawflower Mix,  Helipterum - Paper Daisy, Lychnis - Maltese Cross, Linaria - Toadflax, Orlaya - White lace, Zinnia - California

Sizes Available:
4 grams covers around 4 sq m
7 grams covers around 7 sq m

Product Code: 605
4 grams - for $6.50

7 grams - for $9.50
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