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5 May 2017

We received this photo recently from Alan in Paraparaumu.  He said "Have enjoyed Hippeastrum (syn. Amaryllis) we bought from you. The single orange bulb excelled itself first flowering: both flower stems came up at the same time and flowered at the same time. I’ve never had that before -usually the 2nd stem coming up after the 1st has finished flowering. The plant kindly compensated by growing one stalk higher than the other, so that both flower heads were clearly on display at the same time.  Picotee had both flower stems started growing at the same time, but the 2nd did not flower until after the first had finished flowering. The 2nd flower head had 5 flowers on it (first time I have seen that).  One very satisfied customer."


18 January 2017

Every now and then you come across a flower that is truly spell binding.  For me - this is it!  This is Oriental Trumpet Lily Garden Affair.  We had them in our catalogue three years ago, planted about 5 in our garden and each year they just get better and better.  These have been in flower for at least 3 weeks already and still have lots more to flower.  The colour is stunning, they are tall and the fragrance knocks your socks off!!  Good news is that we will probably have them available next winter - look out for them!


Liz @ GardenPost

12 January 2017

Linda from Wellington sent this picture of Sweet Pea Royal Mix and said:

"I just wanted to share with you a photo of the sweet peas I planted from the ones you offered via the spring bulb fundraiser last year. I planted the whole packet and have been thrilled with the results - although they are a little past their best now, with constant picking, they keep on giving.

I've had bunches in the house for weeks, taken them to work, distributed them among friends and neighbours, and a neighbour took bunches his father's retirement home for residents and staff at Christmas. Sweetpeas have always been a bit hit and miss for me but these ones have been beyond spectacular - thank you! The best $4 investment I have made in my garden!"

Royal Mix sweet peas are an older variety and this shows why they are still around today.  Wish mine were that good! :)



15 December News Update

Liz from Omokoroa sent us this picture of her Dahlia Cabarello she bought from us last Spring.  Lovely the dark foliage contratsing with the bright flowers. Delicious!


22 November News Update

Maureen from Manakau recently sent us this picture of her single pink Amaryllis.  It is an unnamed variety that she bought from us 3 years ago.  She grew it on a deck of her apartment and this year it had 9 stems and 31 flowers!  WOW! 


8 November 2016 News Update

Summer is coming and that means its Amaryllis season. Our new Summer Catalogue has 24 varieties to choose from. All are extra large, flowering size bulbs that will flower about 6 weeks after planting. These are imported bulbs hence the later flowering time and are the best you can buy worldwide. We have lots of Amaryllis in flower at the moment – captured this picture of Aphrodite the other day. Just gorgeous!


11 October 2016 News Update

Oh how we love spring!  Despite the wet wet wet weather here in the Bay of Plenty we still have some beautiful bulbs in full flower.  Some flowers just turned to mush and a lot were munched to death by slugs!  Oh my - never seen so many.  We picked these Freesia Red Diamond & Anemone Lord Lieutenant yesterday - love them!   

Liz @ GardenPost


16th September News Update

We have just received some lovely photos from Mary Ann France in Auckland and created this collage of some of them.  She has been buying from us for many years and these photos give us just a taste of the wonderful garden she has created.  We love the contrast between the flowers and the pot colours.  Thanks Mary Ann.


12th September News Update

It's tulip time and our tulip flowers are popping out everywhere!  Last Spring we bought in a special new variety called White Liberstar. This Tulip has unique white flowers that are truly stunning. It is a Triumph variety that has unusual shaped, almost double flowers.  We planted a big clump outside our gate and they are just coming into flower now - we thought we would share these pictures with you.



24th August News Update

Our latest GardenPost Spring Catalogue and Wildflower World has been posted and will be in your letterboxes.  Spring is such a busy time in the garden and what better way to get started than planting beautiful flowering Dahlias.  These easy to grow plants sure make a very colourful addition to the summer garden.   Team them up with stately spires of Gladioli for sunny borders and pop a few tuberous Begonias in those shady areas.

We are also really excited about our range of Irises - the most ever!  We have everything, from large Bearded Irises to Lousiana, Japanese and Siberican Irises.  Singles and doubles - just love them!

Try inter planting all of these with drift of wonderful wildflowers.  It just couldn't be easier. 

If you are not on our mailing list you can order your copies right here.


16 August News Update

Last March we offered through our Grab a Plant Newsletter a Crocus Bowl and 20 Crocus Firefly.  Well, ours are in full flower now and they are GORGEOUS!  What a welcome sight at the end of winter.  We also grew some on the fringes of a big oak tree and they survived the constant wet winter really well.  Just love them!

Crocus Bowl & Crocus Firefly


8 June News Update

It is past time for sowing wildflowers now but it is time to start preparing for sowing in spring.  So much joy can be achieved from a patch of wildflowers in your garden.  Michael Lucas from Havelock North recently sent us some pictures of an area in his backyard he sowed last autumn - just look and see what happened!


16 May 2016 News Update

Great news!  Our brand new 16 page Winter Catalogue will be posted tomorrow.  We are so excited as we have obtained an amazing selection of wonderful lilies  - many more than ever before! So there is everything there from fragrant Oriental Lilies to baby Patio Lilies. We again have Garlic and Shallots to set up your winter kitchen garden plus a few Calla lilies for flowering next summer.  If you are not on our mailing list you can order a copy right here or call us on 0800 752686 - we would love to send you a copy.  Of course, all products can be ordered right here on our website.