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Fruit Trees - Potted. Growing Guide

GardenPost has brand new release fruit trees - they are the first in a brand new series from prominent fruit specialist John Morton. These selections have originated from some of the world's best breeding programmes and have been fully evaluated under NZ conditions. You will begin to see the first of these fruits in your local supermarkets, and now you can grow them yourselves.

Each fruit comes under a brand name, e.g. Plum Gobstopper, and then several different varieties will follow under that brand. e.g. we start with Plum Gobstopper – Teak Gold. You will always recognise the names as they have been taken from NZ icon sweets!

These trees have been bench grafted in deep tubes (as opposed to the usual field grafted). This means that they can be planted all year around. If planting in summer please make sure they are well watered through drier periods. The trees are all around 80 cm high and will start fruiting about the same time as field grown trees – in about 2 years.


Carefully remove tree from pot and try not to disturb the roots. Follow our general planting instructions above and place a strong stake beside the tree. Face the bud union of the fruit tree (where the root stock and fruiting section have been grafted, you'll see the bump) away from the direction of the sun.


Some fruit trees require pollinators - these are other fruit trees of a different variety nearby. Insects will move from tree to tree and pollinate the flowers.

Apple tree Toffee - PremA2980 will benefit from another apple tree in the neighbourhood that is early to mid season, such as Royal Gala or Braeburn.

Plum tree Gobstopper - Teak Gold needs to have another plum tree in the neighbourhood, mid to late season such as Omega, Black Doris or Elephant Heart.

Peach tree Dew Dro - Golden Tatura - it is not an issue to have a pollinator nearby.

After Care

Use a well balanced general purpose fertiliser in early spring and in autumn. Sprinkle below the tree's branches. Watering is very important when establishing new trees, as is regular watering in dry periods over spring and summer. Give occasional deep soakings.

Watch for powdery mildew – spray with copper oxychloride. If you see black spot spray with a good rose spray such as Shield.