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GardenPost is New Zealand's largest garden mail order company. We source the best quality bulbs and small plants from New Zealand's finest producers and courier them right to your doorstep. We specialise in hard to find varieties, new releases and good old fashioned 'tried and true' plants and bulbs. We are a family company that has been operating in New Zealand for over 30 years.

GardenPost produces four catalogues a year for each season:

GardenPost has built a family of over 25,000 customers, all enthusiastic gardeners just like you. Our peak season staff process hundreds of orders each day. We buy in bulk directly from the growers, so we can keep our prices down. You can count on us to provide top quality products at down to earth prices. We now operate from the same premises as our sister company Wildflower World. Both catalogues are posted out together so you can order plants, bulbs and seeds altogether.

GardenPost Plants: GardenPost plants are sourced from New Zealand's leading wholesale plant propagation specialists. We've cut out the middleman and have sourced these plants directly for you. They are smaller than the grades you see in garden centres, but they are also much cheaper, often 1/2 to 1/3 of the price, saving you money. Some are also new varieties yet to be released in garden centres.

We have usually selected varieties of plants that will establish quickly and soon catch up to garden centre plants. Some varieties such as camellias are slower growing but with care - weeding, mulching and fertiliser, they will produce good results that will be well worth the wait. As plants are supplied in small pots they should be planted out in the garden straight away or repotted into larger pots, as they will not keep well. Plants are supplied in 5 or 7cm pots and range from 10-30cm in height, sometimes they are trimmed to encourage good basal branching and root growth so that once planted out will grow quickly into a bushy strong plant.

GardenPost Bulbs: Bulbs are an integral part of any garden and are perfect for adding seasonal colour. Most GardenPost bulbs and tubers are sourced from New Zealand's leading wholesale growers - some are also imported. We only supply quality bulbs and tubers which should flower in the first year unless otherwise stated. We have the largest range available and specialise in those hard to find, collectors’ items.

Wildflower World

Wildflower World is a mail order seed company specialising in exotic wildflowers. Pure, certified seed is sourced from the world's most reputable growers and wholesalers. Additionally we have a wide range of easy to grow garden flowers varieties. The company is a privately owned family business owned by Geoff & Liz Brunsden and has been operating for over 25 years.

Geoff & Liz are acknowledged as New Zealand's foremost authorities on exotic wildflowers and are attributed to introducing this landscape style to NZ. In 2004 New Holland Publishers released their book "Wildflowers of New Zealand", a pocket handbook to take on your travels.

Wildflower World has had a legacy of award winning displays at the Ellerslie Flower Show. Ten gardens have been displayed over the years, winning Silver, Bronze and Merit Awards. Wildfower World consult to a multitude of end users, from home gardeners to movie set designs and organic orchards. The largest project has been motorway beautification alongside Auckland and Northland roadsides. 

You are invited to discover the natural power and stunning beauty of wildflowers now!

From Geoff, Liz and the Team at GardenPost and Wildflower World.

We LOVE gardening!


Our office and packhouse is at 9a MacDonald Street, Mt Maunganui (off Hewletts Road).

Office Hours

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm 

Geoff Emily & Liz Brunsden at Ellerslie Flower Show 2013

    Geoff, Emily & Liz Brunsden at the Ellerslie Flower Show 2013.

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